It turned out that peanuts become mortally dangerous for people with allergies they are roasted.

Accordingly to British researchers from the University of Oxford, the amount of allergens in the delicacy increases sharply during the roasting process, while they are practically absent in raw peanuts.

Peanut allergy is one of the most dangerous. Sometimes even trace amounts of peanuts in any dish lead to the development of severe anaphylactic shock and death of a man with hypersensitivity to the components of this legume.

Scientists have conducted experiments on laboratory mice. During the experiment, the scientists found that a huge amount of allergens in peanuts are produced in the traditional for many countries, roasting, thanks to which they acquire their unique taste. Peanuts are rich with proteins which while being roasted change their properties and acquire the ability to cause an allergic reaction.

Researchers injected proteins of raw peanuts under the skin of mice in one group, applied solution containing such proteins to the damaged skin, as well as added raw peanuts to the feed.

Animals from the second group were subjected to the same exposure of proteins extracted from roasted peanuts.

When subsequently the mice in the first group were given roasted nuts, the allergic reaction they had expressed was weak or non-existent and repeated contact with roasted peanuts of animals of the second group led to the development of severe allergic reaction.

Experts believe that they were able to identify the chemical reactions that cause allergic properties of peanuts. Scientists hope this discovery will lead to the modification of processes used in the food industry, and the appearance of a peanut with the same flavor characteristics, but with a significantly lower allergenicity.

The American company Auxilium Pharmaceuticals has created a tool that aims to fight cellulite. The drug has already been successfully tested. 150 women aged 18 to 45 years took voluntary participation in new drug test. Part of the participants received randomly up to three sessions of therapy with Xiaflex, the rest – a placebo. The interval between sessions was about 21 days. Up to 12 injections in the affected areas were made within each session. 68% of women who received injections in a large or medium dosage, were very pleased and have noticed a significant improvement.

Specialists said that cellulite develops when elasticity of the collagen fibers is lost, and fat begin to bulge. New drug smoothes the skin, affecting the collagen elements. The second part of clinical trials should begin in the second quarter of 2015. At this stage, the results are even better than the expectations of scientists.

According to American researchers, the more interesting and exciting a movie is, the more it stimulates the appetite of the audience and contributes to weight gain.

Scientists have found that the more the audience’s attention is riveted to the TV screen, the more they eat. This occurs most often while watching action movies and entertainment shows and broadcasts.

Nutrition specialist, Dr. Ener Tol from Cornell University (USA) says that involving program or film has a direct impact on what and how much people eat, not even realizing it.

Therefore, fans of comedies and action movies are more likely to gain excess weight than those who prefer other genres.

Stress can cause rashes and other skin problems. In the new joint research experts from the United States and France have found more evidence of a link between the condition of the skin and stress molecule.

Previously stress has already been linked with inflammation on the skin. An example of this correlation is psoriasis. Researches of the French cosmetics company Estée Lauder and dermatologists of Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, conducted an experiment. It has revealed that many cell types in the skin were under the influence of neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. It is these chemicals regulate physiological functions. The level of these substances may increase under the influence of stress, which in turn leads to problems with the skin. These findings may change the approach to the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Researchers from Denmark found that the appearance of skin lesions of yellow color in the eye area indicates the development of cardiovascular disease. The results of this research have been published in the pages of a medical journal BMJ.

Yellow formations on the skin appear due to cholesterol deposits. They mostly appear on the eyelids but this indicates that the same deposits are possible in other parts of the body. Those in the eyelid area are called xanthelasma. If they appear this means that most probably the process of process of “sticking” cholesterol molecules on the walls of blood vessels has begun too. And it is moving towards the development of hypertension and cardiac diseases. This can then lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Danish scientists experiment began in the late 70-ies of the last century and lasted for more than thirty years. As a result, it was found that people with yellow plaques on the eyelids, have almost 50% greater risk of heart attack than those who have such plaques absent.

The study involved nearly thirteen thousands of volunteers. For all the observations almost two thousand people had heart attacks, about three and a half thousand began to suffer from cardiovascular disease. Died for all, eight and a half thousand people. Among all people with heart problems the majority were just those with fat deposits on the eyelids.

The scientists believe that the emergence of such lesions is a signal that you need not run to the beautician to remove them, but to the cardiologist to check your “engine”.

After thorough research of pomegranate juice scientists have found out that this product could become the real elixir of youth. Drinking two hundred grams of juice daily can significantly slow down the aging process and prolong youth and vitality.

Pomegranate juice provides an invaluable role in the prevention of diseases and the preservation of human health. It effectively deals with the effects of stress, increases libido, and is an ideal tool in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The research was conducted by Spanish scientists, who spent 2 million euro to learn about the magic properties of this fruit.

Pomegranate juice slows aging at the DNA level. The experiment involved 60 volunteers every day for a month drinking pomegranate extract, made from the whole fruit. The juice has a particular taste that not everyone likes. In such case the extract can be substituted by special capsules.

The researchers have studied carefully the chemical activity of the components in the organism of the experiment participants. The final result showed reduction of marker that is associated with cellular injury. It is the pathology that causes age skin changes, liver, kidneys and brain malfunction. Daily consumption of pomegranate juice helps fight free radicals that cause oxidative processes in the cell’s DNA, which is a cause of aging.

Doctors always warned about being careful when visiting solarium, but as it turned out its harmful influence on our organism is much worse than it was considered.

Even those people who do not overuse solarium can have skin cancer.

Ultraviolet radiation which is used for tanning causes damage to the skin deep layers. This means that the dangerous consequences of visiting solarium will not be visible on the surface of the body, and thus a person will continue to expose organism to radiation, increasing the chance of getting skin cancer.

A new research of scientists of King’s College London proves data about the hidden dangers of tanning in solarium. For a longtime it was considered that UVB rays do the greatest harm to skin while UVA rays are safe enough for health. Thanks to the latest research findings it was revealed that artificial ultraviolet penetrates deep into the skin, where the process of cell division and the formation of new layers take place.

Impact on the upper skin is not so dangerous, as cells of the epidermis die periodically anyway.

When tanning under the sun we observe the surface of our skin and can stop sunbathing in time if skin reddens. Tanning in solarium is dangerous because we do not see the negative effect on the skin surface and continue the procedure, while UVA rays actually burn the deeper layers of the skin, causing development of dangerous disease.

Blood of obese people contains high concentration of both fats and proteins. Hypercoagulable states, considered being the most important factor of heart attacks and strokes, are mostly caused by blood saturated with proteins. Natural fats unlike artificial trans-fatty acids found in hydrogenated vegetable oils and margarines do not affect the blood clotting. When trying to ward off a heart attack capillary cells absorb excess proteins by transforming them into collagen fiber of basal membrane. However, while this emergency measure is conducive to save a man’s life this makes the walls of blood vessels become thicker and more fragile.

Examination of connective tissue of obese people confirmed that it contained not only fat cells but also high amount of collagen fiber. Collagen is a 100% protein. Its excessive amount is one of the emergency measure which organism undertakes to reduce the dangerous concentration of proteins in blood. Due to removal of proteins from blood, it becomes thinner and thus crises is overcame. However, the situation radically changes when protein storages are full and the latter continue to get into blood in big amounts. In such a situation, blood is saturated with proteins and becomes thick what increase the likelihood of forming clots in it. If a man does not take aspirin, which thins the blood it can result in having a heart attack or a stroke.

However, in a long-term perspective aspirin does not prevent the threat. On the contrary it can become and extra risk factor. With regular or excessive intake of aspirin, the likelihood of hemorrhage gets higher. Besides, if stop taking aspirin, the heart attack risk grows too.

Warning. If you suffer a macular degeneration, the main reason of onset of blindness with people over 50, try to abstain from aspirin. Many researches indicate that the epidemic of macular degeneration among Americans is directly related to aspirin intake. The thing is that aspirin increases the probability of hemorrhage in retina. Besides, it is referred to Vioxx and Celebrex, which as it was, discovered increase the risk of a heart attack or a stroke by 50%.

Studies have shown that intermittent fasting results in reduction of reserves of fat cells and collagen fibers. This proves once again, that excessive protein intake really increases the amount of protein in the body tissue, though protein reserves are concentrated mainly in the basal membranes of the capillary walls and in intercellular substance of connective tissue. A direct consequence of this process is that thickened walls of blood vessels can no longer absorb enough oxygen, water and nutrients, and withdraw metabolic products from their own cells. As a result, the cells that make up these vessels gradually die from not gettingenough oxygen, water and nutrients.

People of young age have the diameter of their blood vessels of about 3mm. Because of the regular abuse of protein foods, originally smooth inner surface of blood vessels wall become uneven, lose elasticity and get thicker. This reduces blood flow and can lead to occlusion of blood vessels. Occluded coronary arteries resemble the old water pipe stuffed with rust and limescale. They have a reddish-brown color and are clogged with lime yellowish substance.

You must understand that we speak about good quality natural beverage, brewed without adding spirits. Good beer is rich in vitamins B1 and B2, selenium, which is very important for the immune and the nervous system and PP vitamin – nicotinic acid, which is helpful for heart.

Real beer is made of hop, yeast, water and malt. Malt, the germinated barley is famous for slow carbohydrates, vegetable protein and mineral salts. Hop contains enzymes, which have anodyne, disinfectant and sedative effect. So, what kind of good can we benefit from a glass of beer. 1. Beer helps to activate the secretion of gastric juice, stimulates the digestive system.

2. It has a calming and soothing effect and helps inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

3. It is able to withstand the catarrhal infections. There is an ancient Scandinavian recipe, which was used by the Vikings still not to be chilled to the bone in the harsh marine campaigns. 0.5 liters of unfiltered beer to heat up to 50 degrees, add a little cumin seeds, pots and mustard, slice some fresh horseradish (you can replace it with a half teaspoon dried). Close the lid, let it draw and drink at the first sign of a cold.

4. Stiff froth of fresh beer applied as a facial mask helps to get rid of wrinkles.

5. Use beer as a hair rinse and you hair will become elastic and stat growing much better.

6. Beer helps to rejuvenate the cells of the blood vessels, due to the acceleration of certain metabolic processes in the body.

7. Beer helps to maintain bone density and elasticity of the joints due to the content of silicon in it in an easily digestible form.

Magic MushroomsAmerican scientists came up with a new method helping to quit smoking. Those who do not want to smoke no longer should start taking magic mushrooms. 15 smokers participated in the research. After six months of taking psilocybin mushrooms 12 out of 15 easily gave up cigarettes.